Lesser Creek, Salta

Population Dynamics

Juan Pablo Aparicio

Instituto de Investigación en Energías no Convencionales

Universidad Nacional de Salta



Our work is mostly focused in the study of disease dynamics and transmission. Our main goal is the design and evaluation of control strategies using epidemiological  and entomological studies,  mathematical and computer modeling together with demographic and epidemiological data, and whatever we believe could help us. 

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Areas of Research

Epidemiology: Dengue, Leismaniasis, Chagas Disease, Tuberculosis,  Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Biological Control: Myxomatosis, Forest Plagues

Scaling problems in ecology

Emergence of population variables from individual-level processes



Inenco, Universidad Nacional de Salta

Avenida Bolivia 5150

CP 4400 Salta - República Argentina



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E-mail: juan.p.aparicio@gmail.com